Our Mission Statement

To serve everyone so we feel good, and we make others feel good.

We are committed to providing our client, with a clean environment in accordance with the standards set forth in the specifications. We intend to accomplish this by first adhering to our Corporate Objectives, which are:

To honor God in all we do
To help people develop
To pursue excellence
To grow profitably

We choose to emphasize an objective of service. Service is more than just performance of a task with the hope of reward. It involves the giving of oneself for the benefit of others. There is value and worth in serving, regardless of title or position. Too often the standards of success or achievement do not provide for recognition of honor for those who perform routine service work. At ServiceMaster Cleaning Solutions, the service worker is the very lifeblood of our business. We see through our business to provide dignity and respect for the whole person.

We will accomplish this by communicating to each person:

Empowerment of each service partner with knowledge through training, products, and equipment
Definite standards of expectations
Definite and measurable responsibilities of each employee
An atmosphere of urgency and a sense of personal ownership
A sensitivity to the ability and aspirations of each employee
A positive attitude of service to our clients

Dignity does not result from one specific act but is the result of many experiences -- in the workplace, in the home, and in the community. Neither is dignity measured by the achievement of titles or material wealth. Rather, it comes from the recognition that every person has been created in the image of God, and can grow and develop in a workplace that provides the opportunity to serve others.

Our challenge is to create dignity and income through productivity. This has been and always will be a primary focal point at ServiceMaster Cleaning Solutions as we continue to be the provider of service to banking centers, businesses, medical facilities, schools, distribution centers and large industrial plants. 
Our Commitment & Guarantee
At ServiceMaster Cleaning Solutions, we are so committed to providing you with excellent service that we guarantee it.

Our 5-Point ServiceMaster Guarantee states:

We will answer your call anytime, day or night
We will respond to your service needs within 1 hour after receiving your call
We will provide open communication on a daily basis
We will perform all services as agreed upon in our contract
We will show we care by our professional appearance and manner, and by the products and procedures we use
Our Commitment To Safety
We maintain liability and worker’s compensation insurance requirements
We strictly adhere to all state/provincial, local, federal and client-provided safety regulations, where applicable
Our documented safety policies are distributed and enforced regularly to guarantee awareness and consistent compliance
Our environmental stewardship policies guide our use and disposal of potential contaminants and regulated waste

Thorough and ongoing technician training programs ensure proper use of equipment and application of products
We emphasize risk avoidance in all our training materials and classes
We extensively test our proprietary products, processes, and equipment before use
Employees are given Material Safety Data Sheets training
ServiceMaster Clean professionals are OSHA trained
Our Experience
When Your Facility Has Special Cleaning Needs, Choose A Special Service Provider

Count on ServiceMaster Clean® Commercial Specialty Cleaning to enhance your image and provide a healthy, well-kept environment. For over 60 years, we have developed the most effective methods and products to service all types of industries. Over 100,000 organizations trust ServiceMaster Cleaning Solutions to keep their facilities looking great, making us an industry leader in commercial cleaning services. From annual maintenance to regular carpet cleanings and everything in between, we’re dedicated to exceeding expectations. Whatever your service needs, ServiceMaster Cleaning Solutions can personally design a plan for you and your business.

ServiceMaster Cleaning Solutions, covers all of ChicagoLand and Northern Indiana. Our firm has been very successful in providing inclusive janitorial services to schools, daycare centers, medical facilities, corporate offices, manufacturing facilities, municipal facilities, Banks, Libraries, etc. with above average customer satisfaction. Our structure is key to the quality performance of our housekeepers that has 130 customers pleased with our service that we can boast of.

The ServiceMaster Clean Edge

Utilizing proprietary products, practices, and equipment, we have the most advanced capabilities to make your business look great. Each project’s progress is closely monitored to ensure your satisfaction. Plus, our business is backed by national resources. If other specialized needs occur, we have experts in pest control, landscape management, furniture restoration and more, standing by. At ServiceMaster Cleaning Solutions we are results-driven, aiming to do our job right and striving to make your job less stressful. In addition to being committed, we’re also available 24/7. If we don’t meet your expectations the first time, we’ll work to correct it immediately. Our dedication and value-added services make ServiceMaster Cleaning Solutions the best commercial cleaning choice for your needs.

Service Highlights:

Carpet maintenance programs

Carpet cleaning

Spot removal

Hard-surface floor care

Upholstery cleaning and 

Leather care

Fabric divider cleaning

Post-construction cleaning

Computer cleaning and sanitation

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